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My photography and filmmaking Digital Art pieces are often about how I can materialize, tell a story, and display my vision of a moment, place, and time. I tend to favor visually appealing modern structural architecture and cityscapes, at times mixed with edgy portraits and some spiritual and science fiction elements. The concepts behind my photography and films vary from science fiction to dream-like environments.


I use modern photography and video equipment to make my art. As a career technologist, I really enjoy the technical part of art-making, I have learned to be less spontaneous and unrehearsed for my filmmaking, and to plan as much as possible for every shoot to ensure every detail is covered, which helps to realize the vision of every project.  Over the past three years, I have experimented with different photography and filmmaking techniques. I like to continue to explore different photography and video tools and platforms as I evolve as an artist.


Miami is where I live and work, I grew up in this city and I absolutely love this place! I believe it is quite evident from my work.  I make digital art because I love to create, connect, and share. I enjoy seeing the completion and release of a production that started as just an idea, was challenging and demanding, and then realized and shared.


The Boring Stuff: I am an FAA-certified commercial drone pilot, I am a couple of semesters away from completing a master's degree in Visual Arts from the Miami International University of Art and Design, I have taken several courses, seminars, and workshops in specialized photography and filmmaking. I am also an active PPA member and I am excited to work on artistic projects in our city! Feel free to contact me for more details! 

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Artist and Visual Content Creator 

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